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Elorus - Online Invoicing & Billing Software

Although this blog should serve as a programmer's place, I could not help but talk to you about Elorus eInvoicing & Cash Flow Management. Elorus is our new service developed entirely in Django and based on our yawd-admin open source application.

What is Elorus?

Elorus is a modern web-based application that has just made its way into the world of online invoicing and cash flow management. Featuring an attractive, fresh and easy-to-use interface, Elorus is ideal for small and medium businesses that spend valuable time on invoice processing.

How can Elorus help me?

Elorus helps you get your business finances organized via a set of advanced features: create estimates and convert them to invoices. Print or send invoices to your clients. Keep track of invoice payments as well as your overall income and expenses. Monitor your sales or purchases through visual financial reports. Manage your business contacts and view statistics for your clients or suppliers. You can see all the Elorus features on the Elorus website.

Does Elorus suit me?

Being a web application, Elorus allows access to all types of users from the office, home, mobile phone or tablet. Although it offers different types of subscription plans, including a free plan, Elorus is ideally designed for small and medium sized businesses that cannot afford expensive invoicing and cash flow management solutions.

The future of Elorus

We have currently released Elorus in open beta, setting as a primary concern to continually develop the application to include new features and provide the users with the expected quality and versatility, based on their own experiences. A wider range of currencies and multilingual support will help Elorus evolve and conquer new markets around the globe.

I encourage you all to join and try Elorus, I'm pretty sure the free plan will get most of you covered. You can post your thoughts, ideas and feature requests about Elorus on the Elorus Q&A forum - believe me, we really LISTEN to what you have to say!


Published: Feb. 19, 2013
Word Count: 322
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